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Designed around your mobile lifestyle - Control and access your account, change your PIN, order a new card and withdraw from any ATM.
Designed to keep up with you - Send instant MoneyBeam transfers using only a phone number or email address, transfer money into 19 currencies and get realtime transaction notifications.
Designed to improve as you use - Get personalized updates, automatically categorized spending reports and customizable #tags to organize your transactions.
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3 frequently asked questions

Is my money protected at N26?
Every N26 account is guaranteed by the Compensation Scheme of German Banks up to €100.000.

What are the costs of having an N26 account?
The N26 bank account is free to open and free of account management fees. Minimum credit qualifications may apply. See N26 pricing for more information.

Does my N26 Mastercard work everywhere or only in my home country?
The N26 Mastercard is accepted everywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard.

Does everything Mastercard does
Plus a few things only N26 can do

Realtime features unique to N26

  • Turn payments on and off when you’re abroad
  • Turn online transactions on and off
  • Turn ATM withdrawals on and off
  • Set daily payment limits
  • Set daily withdrawal limits
  • Get realtime notifications after every transaction

Seriously. Everything Mastercard does

  • Accepted at over 36 million locations worldwide
  • Shop online or offline with no additional fees
  • tm"> Integrated into the N26 bank account

3 most asked questions
Can I use the Mastercard worldwide?
Yes - everywhere that accepts Mastercard will accept the N26 Mastercard. You can use it at over 36 million locations worldwide with no additional fees.

Do you offer a Mastercard with insurance coverage?
Yes - we offer a premium account and Mastercard called N26 Black, which includes a comprehensive insurance policy from Allianz, one of the most trusted insurance companies in the world. N26 Black membership costs €5,90/month.

How long does it take to receive the Mastercard?
You should receive your N26 Mastercard within three to four business days. Delivery to countries outside Germany may take up to six business days longer.

What is the N26 bank account anyway?

One of the questions we get asked the most at N26 is whether our bank account is a real account, just like the one you may already have at a traditional bank. People are especially curious about this when they see different names for what’s essentially the same thing. In Germany, it’s called the Girokonto. In the US, it’s checking account. In the UK, it’s current account. Let’s clarify once and for all exactly what you’re getting when you join N26.

A bank account for every day
The N26 bank account is a fee-free “deposit account” that you can open in under 8 minutes, directly from your phone or computer. You can deposit money with cash or transfer money from another account at any time, as many times as you want. You can also withdraw money from the account at an ATM, transfer money to other accounts, or spend money using your bank card, or by direct debit. Your account has a unique IBAN (International Bank Account Number), which makes this all possible. It’s your everyday bank account that allows you to store and spend money.

A Mastercard that goes with it
Along with the N26 bank account, you also get a Mastercard “debit card” that arrives just 2–3 days after completing signup. You can do everything described above with this card — withdraw cash from any ATM in the world that accepts Mastercard, and make purchases from any merchant in the world that accepts Mastercard. It’s really that simple. Your card will obviously have a unique card number and CVV, and Mastercard SecureCode will add an extra level of authentication when necessary. Every time you spend money with your Mastercard, the exact amount will automatically and immediately be debited to your bank account. It’s not a prepaid or credit card; it’s just your everyday bank card that allows you to get cash and buy stuff.

A quick summary
The N26 bank account and Mastercard can do everything you can do with a traditional bank, except easier, and from everywhere. Every account is protected by the Compensation Scheme of German Banks up to €100.000 in all the countries where N26 is available.


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