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We all know that feeling, sometimes it’s like your money’s in charge of you, not the other way round. At N26 - the digital bank - we offer you a simpler service that digitises your finances, giving you back control. Fast and paperless, we give you instant information & push notifications on your spending.
Open a full UK current account in minutes - all without a scrap of paperwork.

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warningThe card issuer may STOP card offers and promotions without notice. Grab the card of your choice while it last.

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Straightforward banking

Your current account comes with a free debit Mastercard and our intuitively designed app gives you everything you need to spend, save and keep track of your money. Need help understanding your spending patterns? Your N26 current account uses artificial intelligence to categorise your spending. It sounds fancy, but it means that you get instant categorisation of your spending and a monthly overview, so you always know where your money is being spent.

Stay up to date with push-notifications

Receive alerts on every transaction, in or out, thanks to instant push notifications and get control over your money. Whether you’re withdrawing or depositing money, making a transfer or sending a payment to your friends (via our MoneyBeam feature) — you’re always kept up-to-date.

Premium accounts that give you more

Sometimes you need that little bit extra. Our premium memberships - N26 Metal and N26 You - offer additional benefits such as free worldwide ATM withdrawals, tailored discounts with partner brands, additional sub accounts and more...

A safe home for your money

Secure online banking features such as the ability to change your PIN and lock your card from the app help you to keep your account safe. With our discreet mode feature you can check your balance on the tube or bus home without having to worry about prying eyes.


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